Manage User Access and Permissions From a Central Hub

Robust access roles functionality ensures secure and controlled access to sensitive HR data

  • Customizable Settings
  • Greater Functionality
  • Role-based Permission

Define Access Levels with
Role-based Permissions

Administrators can delegate access levels based on the organizational hierarchy and job responsibilities. This gives greater control over the actions and functionalities available to users, which ensures they only have access to relevant features required for a particular role.

Empower Employees with the Right Level of

system permissions

The centralized platform enables administrators to define and manage access roles for users within the system. This maintains

consistent access control across all HR modules and functions, ensures integrity and data security.  

Recharge your Employees with Failproof Customization

Create and customize access levels based on the unique structure and workflow of the organization. Define roles specific to departments, teams, or job functions. Give access to proper HR data and functionalities required for the roles.

Experience Secure and Controlled
access with

Create New Access Levels
All The Way!

Define who can view sensitive information of themselves and/or others.
Motivate employees with greater responsibility.

Employee Access Level

For all employees, profiles and documents.

Manager Access Level

For managers to permit employees.

Custom Access Level

Customization to suit the vertical.

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Don’t settle for the second-best


Effortless coordination redefined

Regional Configuration

Adopt the world map


Digitally signed documentation

Time Off

Leave management simplified


Sort team proficiency & training needs


Detailed project management


Everything in one place

Take Charge of Access with
Customized Permissions