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Foster Tactical Initiatives Data-driven Insights, Analytics, and Reports

Generate standard reports instantly with Backed with accurate data and insights, these reports give you the confidence to move ahead. Take a proactive approach to transform your business goals with strategic resources.

Pull Out a Report for Every Feature

You heard that right! Pull out organization-wide at any point in time. The reporting module is integrated into all the features like Employee Headcount, Employee Turnover, Additions & Terminations, and more.

Create Custom Reports in
a few clicks

Reports are good! Custom reports are better!!
Leverage our AI-powered HR tool to create custom reports. Choose multiple fields, assign a name, and build a repository.

Explore the Kaleidoscope of Reports

Employee Reports

Attrition Reports

Standard Reports

Rehiring Assessment

Explore the Kaleidoscope of Reports

Employee Reports

Standard Reports

Attrition Reports

Rehiring Assessment

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