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    No More Multiple Data Entry

    Store all your employee data in a centralized platform

    Eliminate dual data entry

    Store all employee profiles in one place

    Streamlined recruiting and onboarding

    E-signature for all documents

    Create and access employee data repository

    A central hub to store, strategize, schedule, and sequence workforce data

    Ensure data accuracy with

    Access roles for the right access levels for sensitive and confidential documents

    Track employee time off, balance time off, reports, and everything else in one place

    Effortless onboarding and offboarding

    One hub for multiple geographies

    Regional customization empowers organizations to manage their workforce through a single platform,

    Customize job location

    Create localized policies

    Update documents for geographies

    Set currency

    One place, one password, one solution!

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    Robust Core Engine

    Our flexible core engine allows businesses to make alterations at all levels. We help businesses scale, offering support with seamless configurations.

    Adaptability optimizes workflow for its stakeholders. We ensure your business transforms into an efficient organization across all verticals, not only HR.

    Strong Analytics

    Get deep insights into data and analytics that support your growth now and the future. Leverage real-time data to boost agility and strategic decisions.

    Cohesion enhances every employee’s journey in an organization. Power-packed features, cross-functional integrations, and streamlined processes ensure smooth experience and hassle-free transition. – HR Automation Redefined

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